Minnesota Initiative Aims to Improve Enforcement of Protective Orders

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has completed implementing a new statewide initiative aimed at improving safety for domestic violence victims and enhancing enforcement of protective orders. 

Through this project, Minnesota’s court system has changed the way it manages and shares data related to Orders for Protection. 

An order for protection is a civil order to help keep domestic violence victims safe from their abusers. 

Before the project, Orders for Protection were not integrated with Minnesota Court Information System.  This limited the information that courts could share with other law enforcement agencies regarding the OFP. 

The Orders for Protection are now entered into the court system, making the data available to the BCA and the FBI. 

The information is also available to the police officers responsible for serving the OFP and enforcing the order.  Law enforcement can now view the full conditions of the OFP from squad car computers.  Police can also instantly report that an Order for Protection was served.  Those seeking the protection have the option to receive an automated e-mail notifying them the respondent has been served. 

The project began as a pilot in Ramsey County District Court in February of 2015. 

The Minnesota Judicial Branch then implemented the integration in 86 other district courts across the state. 

The project was funded through a federal grant from the Office of Violence Against Women to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. 

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