Minnesota State Trooper Rescues Homeless Man from Bitter Cold

A Minnesota State Trooper may have saved the life of a homeless man by giving him a place to stay in the dangerously cold weather Monday night. 

According to the Minnesota State Patrol’s Facebook page, Trooper Glen Bihler and ambulance personnel responded to reports of a pedestrian laying on the shoulder of Highway 169 south of Aitkin. 

Police say it was dark and 10 degrees below zero, not including the windchill.

Emergency responders examined the man and determined that he did not have frostbite or a medical condition and he was not transported for treatment. 

Trooper Bihler took the man to a fast-food restaurant and bought him dinner. 

The trooper then checked with the Salvation Army to take the man in for the night, but they were unable to provide shelter. 

Bihler then arranged for the man to spend the night in the heated lobby of the local sheriff’s department. 

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