Search Held for Missing Brookston Man

65 People Gathered To Search

A man in Brookston has been missing since the end of last year.

The frigid temperatures are raising concerns for his family and authorities. 

Friends and family gathered to look for 34-year-old Joseph Zak who went missing from the group home he was living in, on December 7th.

“We were out of state with our other son in north Dakota, so the group home alerted us, as soon as they noticed that he was missing,” said Marleen Zak, the mother of Joseph Zak. 

Marleen said that no clues pointing to where he may be, have been found since his disappearance.

“Records of his cell phone calls are non-existent. There are none after that time,” said Joseph’s father, James Zak. 

His family organized a search to look for Joseph in the area surrounding the group home where he lived.

“Got about 65 people out doing this search for Joe,” said Bret Ekman of the Arrowhead Fire Department.

The search consists of a volunteer based group looking in one area, and the sheriff’s department using dogs in another 

Joseph is a vulnerable adult with autism, and is described as being 6 feet tall, weighing 325 pounds with dark hair and brown eyes.

Joseph is still missing. 

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division at 218-336-4350

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