KYN: Old Town Antiques

Old Town Antiques is the place to shop when looking for something unique, or just need a trip down memory lane. With 39 dealers and two floors of items, you’re sure to find the exact piece of history you’re looking for.  

Carol Jouppi, owner of Old Town Antiques says, “We get so many people that come in and they’re just so pleased with walking out the door with a something that they…a treasure. It’s always a treasure they’re walking out the door with.” 

Store owner Carol Jouppi has owned the antique shop since 2009 and with all the inventory that comes in, she says shes learned a ton of history. 

“Every day is a learning day, it’s an educational history. To me it’s like having a history book and everything is history.” 

And if you are looking to share some childhood memories with your children, the antique shop has vintage toys for kids as well, but for all the star wars fans, Old Town Antiques has lots of vintage star wars items.

Jouppi says, “And now Star Wars is really a big item so there’s a lot of Star War things that we have that are vintage, that people are coming in trying to buy.” 

Back in April 2015, the shop opened up a theme room, and with this, every few months the theme changes to go with the time of year.

“Now it’ll be the garden room, and the garden room is really big because we have a lot of vintage yard items that people love for their yards,” Jouppi tells us. 

Having a store like this in Duluth really does a lot for the community, and helps keep our memories alive. 

Jouppi said, “In today’s society we need to keep our memories as calm and as peaceful as can be and we need memories.” 

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