Keeping The Legacy: Of A Fallen Ice Fisherman Alive

A Northland author and fisherman, John Esposito, braved the elements of Lake Superior Wednesday to raise awareness about ice fishing and remember his fishing buddy who died out on the ice three years ago.

John embodies the definition of an avid outdoorsman.

Unfortunately, John knows first-hand the tragic tide these Superior waters can wash ashore. 

“A friend of mine, Jim Hudson, succumbed to hypothermia by falling through the ice and drowning. I was with him when it happened.” Esposito said. 

Tuesday marked the third anniversary of losing Jim. 

“I went through the ice with him and at one point I did slide in with him. I got myself out, but I couldn’t get him out.” Esposito said. 

John celebrated Jim’s memory by lending his time and courage to the Ashland Fire Department Wednesday for a mock ice rescue. 

“Doing a simulation of what it would look like a person really falling through the ice.”

John valiantly stepped out onto the thin ice with medical staff nearby and equipped with the essentials for a self-rescue. 

“You have 10–15 minutes self rescue.”Captain Scott Thimm said. 

And if you’re planning on heading out on the ice, the Ashland Fire Department recommends traveling in groups, placing your phone in a plastic bag and carrying a compass. 

After losing his friend, John was inspired to pen the book “Lake Superior: Blood On The Ice,” which is an account of over 50 people’s experiences out on the Lake Superior. 

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