Duluth East’s Senior Duo Shines On Both Ends Of The Court

Miler and Zwak have played together for four years.

For the Duluth East basketball team, one thing always stays consistent: senior duo Quentin Miler and Joey Zwak…

“Those two have meshed well together, when we seen success its because they have. So they have not only brought leadership to this team, they’ve brought productivity on both ends of the floor,” said Coach Rhett McDonald.

For Miler and Zwak playing together comes natural after so much time.

“i feel pretty comfortable playing with him, he knows what hes doing, he’s a good player, i like playing with him,” said Miler.

“Four years playing with him, side by side he’s a heck of a player. He’s one of the quickest kids I’ve ever met, best defender on the team. just great team guy,” said Zwak.

Their chemistry and skills will without a doubt, be missed after this season.

“There’s going to be a feeling of loss here, specifically with these two and my other senior as well,” McDonald.

This season isn’t over yet though. With plenty of basketball to play, this team has high hopes for what’s to come.

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