Duluth School District Facing $3.3 Million Dollar Deficit

Declining Enrollment Is One of the Culprits of the Deficit

The Duluth School District is facing a deficit of millions of dollars, and is looking to make some changes in the upcoming year to balance the budget. 

Representatives say increased funding from the state approved in 2013 helped the school district keep up with expenses for almost 3 years, but as district leaders review preliminary figures for the next school year, the expenses were projected to be higher than revenues.

Declining enrollment is one of the culprits of the deficit.  The school district plans to eliminate around $3.3 million dollars in costs from the projected $87 million dollar general fund costs, in order to balance the budget.

Another meeting will be held in march where the school board plans to approve necessary adjustments, and the final budget will be approved in June.

The new fiscal year begins on July first of this year.

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