DTC Grand Opening Ceremony in Duluth

30 Million Dollar Construction Project is Complete

Community leaders and officials came together to celebrate the grand opening of the Duluth Transit Authority’s new multimodal center Thursday. 

A ribbon cutting marked the completion of the 30 million dollar construction project that began in June of 2014

The DTC was originally scheduled to open early January, but DTA General Manager Dennis Jensen says it was pushed back for safety reasons.

After the delay of the opening, and then having the construction site vandalized in January, the DTA was finally able to hold the grand opening and ribbon cutting event.

Community leaders spoke, expressing their excitement for the new facility.

The facility not only has local and regional transit, but boasts over 400 parking spaces.

“I’ve already heard people say, well, you know if I have to wait to get to the DECC parking lot, I can walk a couple hundred feet and be right on superior street,” said Jensen.

It also has other amenities,

“The police department, we have the bicycle locker room, back there, we have indian trails coming from northern Michigan, so it’s truly a multi faced type of a facility,” said Jensen.

The bus operations will begin on Sunday with a reduced schedule, and all the buses will start running on Monday. 


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