Knowing Your Neighbors: Jim’s Meat Market

Rolling out nearly 200,000 pounds of sausage a year, Jim’s Meat Market in Iron River is a sausage giant.

The namesake behind Jim’s Meat Market is Jim Klinge. He grew up in the business and worked for his parents at their locker plant.

“Ever since 1939, so I’ve been around a few years,” said Jim.

He’s not going away anytime soon. He jokingly said he’d like to work another 77 years.

Jim says if you put out a good product — everything will work itself out.

Customers come to Jim’s for favorites like the six flavors of pepper sticks, steaks, and summer sausage.

“Once people try Jim’s meat sausage they come back,” said William Haberty, an employee at the market.

When Jim moved and expanded his shop in 2007, Jim’s Meat Market became FDA approved. It made the shop able to sell and ship their products across state lines and across the country.

“All Jim’s sausage is handmade. We remain small enough to keep quality control at a high level but we’re organized enough to fill demand,” said William.

Jim has passed on his knowledge and secret recipes to his daughter, Amy, and son-in-law Jens. They’re ready for the daily grind of the market. Even employees who aren’t family say they’re treated like it. Jim said, “I try and get here early and stay late every day.”

Thousands of pounds of sausage feed this Wisconsin town and then some, linking together three generations of some of the best flavors in the business.

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