Wisconsin 9-year-old Dies after Tonsil Surgery

A 9-year-old boy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin has died after undergoing surgery to have his tonsils removed. 

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office says Solomon Womack was pronounced dead on Friday. 

The boy had his tonsils out on February 9 at an outpatient surgical center and was given a dose of Oxycodone, then sent home. 

Later that night, Solomon’s parents gave him another dose of Oxycodone, and noticed about an hour later that he was having trouble breathing. 

The parents called 911, and the boy was brought to Children’s Hospital, where he was later pronounced brain dead. 

Solomon’s parents had his organs donated, and an autopsy was conducted to determine what caused the boy’s sudden death. 

A sample of the Oxycodone was also sent to a third party for testing. 

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