KYN: True North Color Lab

True North Color Lab has been bringing great photos to life for more than 65 years, but it hasn’t always been easy. 

Store Owner Ted Thompson said, “When the internet came into being the next thing that happened was digital photography and digital completely turned upside down our business.” 

But, True North Color Lab adapted to the 21st century and started focusing more on providing state of the art digital imaging products and services to professional photographers.

“Today we concentrate on our professional photography division; most of the business comes in over the internet from professional photographers,” Thompson said. 

True North Color Lab is one of the few photography companies in Minnesota still in business, and since adapting to the current technology, Ted Thompson, owner, says it is almost like starting over.

“I think were on the threshold of basically a new industry, we’ve gone through the down cycle and it’s starting to come back.” 

True North Color Lab even has the ability to use photos taken from cell phones and blow them up into portraits,or place the image on a coffee mug.

“Just about anything you want photographically we can do, and know how to do it well.” 

True North Color Lab still provides traditional color negative and slide film processing and printing, as well as being one of the few labs hand processing black and white film and custom silver–gelatin printing.

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