Brandon Newman Tackles Tough Transition

Freshman Having Instant Impact

“He’s a lunch pail guy, he’s just going to come, he’s going to work, and he’s going to do his job.”

Brandon Newman has always been an athlete worthy of praise

“I went and saw Brandon as often as I possibly could, he was definitely our top target, a coach’s son, he’s smart a hard worker, just a good person, first and foremost, and he’s talented, and he understands the game and, physically ready to step in right away and do some great things, I’d be shocked if he wasn’t freshman of the year in the league for sure.”

Born into a basketball family, Brandon’s father coaches the Barnum boy’s varsity team, and his sisters, both stars at the school as well, play division 2 college ball for UMD bulldogs. As Brandon grew older it became clear he too was destined to play beyond high school…

“I mean, high school I was a leader my senior year, i knew that, i kind of grew into it in high school my junior and sophomore year.”

Many we’re surprised the local standout wasn’t recruited more by division 1 and 2 programs instead he chose to become a St Scholastica Saint. Something he says is more than just a name on a jersey…

“Just the word, and what it brings with the community, like what kind of person you are, overall we have these goal and stuff on our team and even in the school, so being a saint is about who you are as a person.”

“You know they have that bond. where they know one another’s games pretty well so it’s more comfortable playing on the court with one another, and we get a lot more fans, so that atmosphere, playing in front of a lot of people, that sparks it as well, these guys are all competitive, they want to win, everything has just worked out really really well.”

Another reason for CSS? Teammates. People that Brandon has played with and against for years

“You grew up playing against each other, so you know what this person is good at, what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses, it helps with that chemistry on the court.”

“it’s made the transition a lot easier for him, there’s not a whole lot of pressure for him to be the man and all that kind of stuff, these guys get along so well with each other, the Esko guys, the Barnum guys, superior guys, we got them all, and it makes it a lot more fun, and they’re a lot more comfortable when they know each other so well, and it’s really paid off with the comradery and it shows on the court.”

Bonds between players are only as strong as the coach who forges them. Saints coach David Staniger has utilized these local connections to build a team with a sense of communit and one which is rapidly developing chemistry.

“Yeah I think it was coach Staniger’s part, I mean he came to a lot of my games and he really wanted to recruit me, so that had an effect on it too, I mean I love the school, I love the city, academic wise I kind of focus more on that than sports wise, here I would play more, I knew that so that was the final decision I made”

life’s good as a saint, they’re undefeated at home, and contending for a UMAc regular season title, further proving Brandon made the right choice.

“The excitement, we had games where we just played exceptionally well and you just get excited, and the bench is just on fire doing their celebrations and whatnot, so that makes it fun too.”

Duluth I’m Dilan Michaels KQDS FOX 21 sports

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