President Obama to Dayton: Expect Tough Enforcement on Trade Laws

President Barack Obama told Governor Mark Dayton this weekend to expect “firm, tough enforcement on existing trade laws.”

The statement came in response to a question from Governor Dayton about foreign steel dumping and it’s impact. 

President Obama said closing off trade is not possible. The President says he plans to sign a companion bill that will give the United States more tools, resources and personnel to take more aggressive actions. 

Obama said it’s no secret that China has not always operated fairly.  

“They are now in a process where they are trying to transition their economic model. They recognize that they can’t forever sustain export driven growth model but its gonna take some time and it’s tempting for them solve short term problems by just dumping a bunch of state subsidized goods into the U.S. market and we have been very clear with them about the fact that that’s not gonna work . we’re gonna put tools in place to make sure it doesn’t work,” said Obama. 

Congressman Rick Nolan says more than 2,000 Iron range miners have lost their jobs over the last year as a a result of foreign steel dumping.   Nolan says he will continue to work with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough to make sure action is taken. 

McDonough visited the Iron Range in December to hear concerns from lawmakers, citizens and miners on the steel crisis. 

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