Bemidji State University To Offer Free College for Laid-Off Miners

A federal program will allow laid-off steelworkers to attend college free at Bemidji State Univerisity. 

The Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Act provides free tuition, books, fees, supplies and possibly even transportation to the miners wishing to further their education. 

According to the university,  the 2,000 miners laid-off on the Iron Range are TAA certified and eligible to participate in the program. 

In addition to the free tuition, books, fees and supplies, the steelworkers may also receive Trade Readjustment Allowances, which provide income to them while they are attending college. 

In order to qualify for TAA funding, degree programs must demonstrate good future employment opportunities in Minnesota. 

Miner’s participating in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act must complete their bachelor’s Degree programs within 130 weeks.  The university says TAA candidates should already have a two year degree in order to meet this requirement. 

For more information,  check out and search for TAA, or contact the Center for Extended learning at 800-475-2001. 

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