City in the City

The mayor goes out into the community to hear residents voice their opinions.

The mayor goes out into a community to hear residents voice their opinions. Under past administrations these sessions would be held inside of city hall, but Mayor Larson says she believes it’s important to go where the people are, and keep with the values of her campaign.

The Gary New Duluth rec center was jam packed with about one hundred citizens who enjoyed their chance to speak their mind with the mayor and Councilor Fosle. Residents shared what they liked about the direction of the city and also some concerns they had including roadways and parks.

Fran Morris of GND Development Alliance said, “Mayor Larson has been a big supporter of us since the beginning even when Mayor Ness was in office. She has been behind us all the way, so it’s nice to have someone supportive when we’re working on such a large project.”

The line to greet the mayor was quite long but she made sure to speak to everyone, and even took some time to take a few pictures and selfies. 

The next city in the city will be held march 16th and a location is still to be determined.

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