Duluth Burglary Suspect Arrested

A 50-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection to a burglary at Goodwill on Tuesday. 

Daniel Paul St. Arnold was charged with Third Degree Burglary.

The charges stem from an incident early Tuesday morning when Duluth police responded to a security alarm at Goodwill. 

Police set up a perimeter outside of the building and called for K-9 Assistance. 

Duluth Police K-9 Kobra, and his handler, Kevin Tomlin, arrived and went into the building. 

The duo found Arnold hiding behind a ten foot high pile of clothes in the storage room, with a sleeping bag draped over him. 

Police say the man had a pillowcase of merchandise with him that he gathered from inside the store. 

He allegedly told police he entered the building after finding the door open and intended to take the clothes. 

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