Motivated Athletes Part Three: Ash Altmann

Altmann Shoulders Pressure For Duluth East

In a high pressure situation many will look to Duluth East senior captain Ash Atlmann.

“We won’t win Thursday without our seniors. ash has got to step up and have a big game along with his classmates,” said coach Mike Randolph.

“He’s been to the state tournament, he knows what he’s doing and it definitely helps out a ton,” said greyhounds junior Garrett Worth.

For Altmann this is nothing new.

“I think I play pretty well in big time games, I’ve had history in big time games so i like the atmosphere and i play off the crowd a little bit,” said Altmann.

Randolph is happy to have a guy like that on his team, especially in the post season.

“He’s the kind of player who is very confident in himself and when the games on the line he’s one of those players who turns around and wants to get on the ice,” said Randolph.

But Altmann wasn’t always the great leader he is today.

“I was not so good of a captain at the start of the year,” said Altmann.

After a couple phone calls from former Duluth East captain, Nick Altmann he learned.

“He’s learned a lot from his brother who was a captain for us last year and he’s carried some of those traits over to himself. I know he talks a lot to his brother about some of the things he did as a captain and i think that’s really helped Ash,” said Randolph.

Nick Altmann moved on to the next level after his time as a greyhound, playing for the wilderness, a path ash and others see for him too.

“He wants to play at the next level, which is junior hockey for him and he wants to play college hockey ultimately. Who knows what after that so he’s driven himself, he’s worked really hard during the summer in the weight room in the off–ice stuff and come in ready for the season and i think he’s had a great season. He will end up playing at the next level i’m sure,” said Randolph.

Altmann will move on after being drafted by Sioux Falls and later traded. But he knows he got here because of those around him.

“My dad taught me how to skate, i mean he could barely skate but he taught me how to skate when i was three,” said Altmann.

Now, years later, it’s Altmann who drives himself to continue getting better everyday.

“My love for the game, i think about it all the time. I work at it probably every single day and i know some people who are succeeding in hockey, playing NHL and stuff and that’s my dream and i’m going to try and pursue it and get there.” said Altmann.

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