Bernie Sanders Visits the Iron Range

Hundreds Gather for the Rally

Hundreds of Iron Rangers gathered at Hibbing High School to hear from Senator Sanders.

It was his 2nd visit to the Northland

“Everything he’s got to say I think really resonates with me,” said Trent Combs, an attendee. 

And though the independent senator from Vermont is known for his strong appeal to millennials, the crowd included people of all ages and political backgrounds, including Ron Krick, a registered Republican.

They all came to hear what Sanders stands for, especially on local issues that affect the Iron Range, like the decline of the iron ore mining industry.

Sanders’ message of working towards raising the minimum wage, making public colleges and universities tuition free, and providing universal health care for all struck a chord with many people there

“I think that we really see what’s been going on and we’re fed up with it, and Bernie really represents that,” said Combs.

Super Tuesday is next week where 12 states and one U.S territory, including Minnesota, will be voting for candidates. 

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