Senior Leadership Defines Hermantown

Seniors Thomas Madison and Nick Bostrom lead Hawks' 11 Seniors

“I can get fired up.”

“We play as a team, it’s not about individuals, it’s not about a specific person on the team.”

Thomas Madison and Nick Bostrom of the Hermantown Hawks basketball team are heading up a group of seniors determined to keep their season alive.

“My Dad and I were out in the back yard shooting hoops since I was this tall so it’s always been my true love.”

“It’s a great game obviously, wonderful team, great coaches.”

Both have been surrounded by basketball their entire lives. Thomas’ father even won a state championship for Duluth Central back in 1979.

“It’s always one thing I’ve tried living up to, to be like my Dad and go back to state.”

The entire team shares the dream of a championship. But for the eleven senior squad members, it’s become a personal mission.

“If we play as a team and stick together we’ll get where we need to be because we trust each other.”

“You know this is it. Us seniors, we don’t have next year so it’s the same mind set, it’s do or die, it’s playoffs so we’re taking it on with full force and we’re going to see where this takes us.”

Both Bostrom and Madison bring their own personal flairs leading the team.

“When he needs to be up he’s up, when he needs to take things down he know those right moments to do that.”

“Well Nick is a great guy. He’s a kid people look up to at school, he’s our homecoming king so he’s a nice kid and you can look up to him and he’ll be there if you need.”

With such profound leadership, the Hawks have only one objective remaining.

“Go as far as we can go. So we can continue playing , and join the community for a final season run.”

“We want to get back to where we were last year and, knock on wood, but we think we can do it.”

“Having it over our head pushes us the direction we have to go.”

In Hermantown, I’m Dilan Michaels, KQDS FOX 21 Sports.

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