MN Supreme Court To Hear School Knife Expulsion Case

The Minnesota Supreme Court hears arguments Monday about the overturned expulsion of a southern Minnesota high school student who accidentally brought a pocket knife to school.

United South Central Public Schools is appealing after the state Court of Appeals overturned the expulsion of Alyssa Drescher.

Drescher was expelled in 2014 for the final six weeks of her junior year. She said she left the knife in her purse by accident after doing chores on her boyfriend’s farm. It was found during an announced locker search.

Last year, the appeals court ruled the district should not have expelled Drescher because she didn’t willfully violate school policy, and didn’t endanger herself or others.

The school district appealed. The Free Press of Mankato ( ) reports the Supreme Court’s decision could influence school suspension and expulsion policies across Minnesota. 

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