KYN: Gators Grilled Cheese Emporium

Gators Grilled Cheese Emporium has been creating the perfect homemade comfort food since opening last June. 

Cafe manager Erin Lowe says, “The locals are great and you know, we already have a lot of regulars already only being open six months or so.” 

The owner started the business because she loves the Ely community and wanted to bring customers great tasting food. 

Erin Lowe tells us, “She wanted to start a business and loves dining out and loves the community of Ely.”

Gators Grilled Cheese Emporium serves more than just grilled cheese. The café also has a breakfast menu, pizza and desserts.

Plus, if you see a piece of artwork on the wall you like, you can own it because all artwork here is for sale. 

If you’re wondering where the name gator comes from, it’s from the owners rescue dog. Which is why there is a dog in the cafes logo.

“She focuses a lot on rescuing animals and animal shelters,” Erin Lowe said. 

Gators Grilled Cheese Emporium is all about staying local and keeping the community involved as much as possible. The Ely way.

“Were really trying to cater to the local crowd as well as tourism, keep our prices low and keep them coming back, ” Said Lowe. 

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