Minnesota Caucuses

Minnesotans across the state will get together at neighborhood meetings, called precinct caucuses, to vote for a president, talk politics, and set in motion the machinery that will help democrats and republicans pick their candidates for the Congress and Legislature in the fall.

Geoff Sheagley, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UMD says, “Those caucuses will indicate a preference between, if were talking about the democrats, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and then the caucus will serve as a place where they elect delegates.”

If you’re not a Democrat or Republican, there are Independent, Libertarian and green party caucuses as well.

“Our caucuses are what are called open, which means you can go as a republican, or if you view yourself as a Republican or a Democrat or as an Independent, you can still go and caucus for either party,” Sheagley said. 

You do not need to be registered to vote to participate in a caucus.

You need to live in the district and be eligible to vote by Election Day.

This means 17-year-olds can caucus if their birthday is in before early November.

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