Women Complete 10-Week Health Challenge

Red, Red, Everywhere at the DECC

The DECC was a sea of red, to celebrate women’s health and the decision to make healthier choices.
The Go Red for Women campaign highlights women’s health and it’s sponsored by the American Heart Association.

Ten women from the area were chosen for a challenge – make healthier eating and exercise choices for ten weeks.

One challenger we spoke to says she’s already noticed some changes, and wants other women to know that you’re never too young to start getting healthier.

“If you just take it one day at a time, just change one thing today,” explains challenger Laura Plys. “Tomorrow change two things. Start to make those healthy choices and you’ll start to see the benefits of it, and you’ll feel better.”

Plys says she made the decision to walk more and to cut cholesterol because of her family’s history with cholesterol and stroke.

A luncheon at the DECC event was the culmination of that ten-week challenge.

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