Railroad Crossing Deaths Down in Minnesota

The number of people killed in vehicle-train collisions at railroad crossings are down in Minnesota. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, four people died at railroad crossings in 2015.  The number is the second lowest since 1970. 

MnDOT says there were 32 crashes last year, with 19 injuries reported.  

In 2014, nine people were killed and there were 48 crashes. 

The number of fatalities has been on the decline since at least 1970, when there 56 fatalities and 392 crashes. 

The decline in Minnesota does not follow the national trend.  In 2015, there were 1,780 car-train collisions, down slight from the year before, but about the same as 2012 and 2013.  MnDOT says 244 people were killed nationwide in 2015. 

MnDOT works to improve safety at railroad crossings every year by installing or upgrading 25 to 30 active warning devices.

There are 4,030 public crossings in the state and 38 percent of them have some sort of signalized crossing. The rest have either stop or yield signs, and crossbucks. 

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