Seeing the Signs of Drug Abuse

Event at Hibbing High School helps parents identify possible drug abuse by children

Hibbing High School hosted a See the Signs event where parents can learn just what their kids might be up to.

Many children have been introduced to drugs at an earlier age more than ever before and recognizing the problem before it gets out of hand might save a life.

Dawn Bergerson has two teenagers and like most parents, she wants to keep a watchful eye on them.

“Kids have gotten a lot trickier and sneakier nowadays then back when I was a kid,” said Bergerson.

That’s why Dawn and other parents attended ┬áSee the Signs at Hibbing High School. It’s an event that brings drug prevention awareness to the Northland.

“There are resources out there. There are people who care that aren’t parents that aren’t just teachers, that aren’t just alcohol and drug counselors, it’s a community thing,” said drug and alcohol counselor Kasey Bechtold.

Signs of drug use include blurred vision, body sores, slurred speech paranoia irritability, and sudden mood changes.

More and more users have hidden their activity with containers with false bottoms, in candy wrappers, and other household items.

“It is eye opening to see all the different ways that you can harm yourself. Nowadays things you wouldn’t even think of you could use to harm yourself,” said Bergerson.

For parents like Bergerson, she walked away seeing the signs.

“Don’t just be a friend. You need to be a parent,” said Bechtold.

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