Rohrbaugh Dives Into Duluth East History Book

Senior was First Duluth East Boys Diver to go to State in 35 years

To dive you have to be a specific kind of person.

“They’re always the craziest ones on the swim team,” said Leon Rohrbaugh.

They speak a different language.

“I would say my favorite dive is probably inward one and a half or my front two and a half. They are both pretty hard dives but they are a lot of fun,” said Miles Rohrbaugh, Duluth East sophomore.

In diving, there is nobody but you.

“It is stressful, with the silence everyone looking at you during your dive,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

There is no room for fear.

“Divers have poor self–preservation skills, you know to do a sport where you can get hurt repeatedly and you can just get right back up and do it again,” said Leon Rohrbaugh.

Miles Rohrbaugh has been facing all of these things since eighth grade when he first got out on the board.

“I try to block out everything… I just try to only think about my dive and what I have to remember to do the dive,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

Whatever Miles is doing, it’s working for him. He’s broken all of the Duluth East diving records and was the first male diver from Duluth East to go to state in 35 years.

“I’m already pretty far up there and i’m definitely driven to do better and break some goals for myself,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

One big goal Miles has will come after high school.

“I think it would be fun just to dive year round at a college. I’m trying to get to U of M as a college level diver,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

University of Minnesota is a campus Miles is familiar with. Visiting again this year in the state tournament, after coming in first in section 7AA. First place is not enough though.

“Even if i get first i won’t be happy with my score because it will be not as good as my best which is what i’m trying to break,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

Miles missed the finals this year but being able to compete with experienced divers makes the trip worth it.

“It’s definitely a little off putting but it’s nice to know i can be that good as those other guys,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

Now that the season is over Miles will have a chance to dry off.

“We do take a break, after state we probably won’t get on the board for another couple of months,” said Leon Rohrbaugh.

Miles will continue working though.

“He’s on a trampoline all of the offseason. So when we get back to the season he already has in his head what he wants to try to do,” said Leon Rohrbaugh.

Miles’ high school career has already been a success but he says that’s not enough.

“I’ve only got two years left and i think there’s a bunch to improve on,” said Miles Rohrbaugh.

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