KYN: Adventure Zone

Adventure Zone has been in Duluth’s Canal Park for the last five years. Owned by Grandma’s Restaurant and Company, it has become one of the largest arcades in the state. The arcade has many different adventures to choose from, laser tag, bounce houses, batting cages, and even a virtual sports simulator.

Tony Boen, regional manager for Grandma’s Restaurant and Company said, “Were a family fun center. We try to cater to all ages and all groups.”

The most popular activity is laser tag. Adventures Zone’s laser tag room is a multi–level arena for a space–aged game of high–tech action. 

“Laser tag is number one with a bullet. It’s a blast and it’s great for all ages,” said Tony Boen.

Just recently Adventure Zone changed from having tokens and tickets,to putting everything on a card, similar to a debit card.

Boen told us, “All your tokens will be on a card and if you buy x amount you will get bonus tokens.” 

If you get hungry after all your hard work playing games, Adventure Zone also has a great concession stand.

“We got your hot dogs, we got hamburgers, we got slushies, we got pop and walkin tacos my personal favorite,” Boen said. 

Right now Adventure Zone is just starting the busy season, so it’s a perfect time to get out with your friends or family and play some games!

“A lot of kids cry when they have to leave, which is almost music to my ears, sorry mom and dad,” said Boen. 

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