4th Street Construction Around the Corner

County Gets Ready for Multi Million Dollar Project

The trees on 4th street have been gone for a few months now, and the St. Louis County is getting ready to start the multi-million dollar construction project.

The full blown construction of 4th street is scheduled to start early July, right after Grandma’s Marathon, which is a little later than initially planned.

The whole project will take about a year and a half, according to authorities and will cost about $12 and a half million dollars.

4th street will be closed in 4 block segments beginning in late June through November of this year, and then again in 2017.

Businesses in the area say they know this could have an impact on them

“We’ve been told and assured by the city that we will always have at least one of our parking lot entrances accessible throughout the construction project, so we know that’ll make it possible for people to continue to come in,” said Ali Wade, from the Wholefoods Co-op.

Wade said that come time of construction, they plan to let people know through newsletters and social media that they are still open and accessible.

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