Coleraine Middle Schoolers Attend Career Fair

Students Get Interactive Experience

Middle school students had the chance to get a little look in to what could be their future, at a career fair held at Greenway High School. 

7th and 8th grade students had the chance to learn a little about various fields of work, in the 5th annual Career Exploration Fair.

The school invited professionals from many different fields to showcase their company or industry with interactive hands-on career booths. Some of the booths handed out candy and other informational materials to keep the students engaged.

Students believe that it’s important to start thinking about their future at an early age.

“You never know what you’re going to want to do, but it’s good to know all the options, and it’s good to know, what you could possibly want to do,” said Amelia Wikstrom, an 8th grader. 

Organizers of the event say it’s beneficial for students to think about their future in middle school, so that they can plan for what classes they want to take in high school.

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