Researchers Share Results of ‘Opportunity Gap’ Study

Low-Income Families Offered Fewer Opportunities for Children

For children in low-income families, it can be very hard to find the same opportunities as those in middle or upper class households.

And The Community Foundation, a local non-profit group, has completed a three-month research project on this so-called “opportunity gap.”

The research consisted mostly of listening sessions with parents, teens, and advocacy groups on behalf of those directly and indirectly impacted by this issue.

The findings didn’t surprise those that conducted the research.

They show that both Duluth and Superior have childhood poverty rates above state averages.

And that while grants for community programs are important, sometimes children just need caring and nurturing adults in their lives.

The Community Foundation wants a more collective approach to taking care of children’s issues.

“So often we think about our kids, we think about our sons and we think about our daughters. We really want to change that in this community,” said Community Foundation president Holly C. Sampson.

The new opportunity gap initiative fund will award grant funds between $100,000 and $300,000.

Community groups and individuals that plan to seek funding should send a letter of intent by April 4, and full grant proposals are due by May 2.

Applications for the Opportunity Gap Initiative are on a page on the Community Foundation’s website.

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