Cliffs to Restart Production at Northshore Mining in May

Cliffs Natural Resources announced Monday that it will restart iron ore production at Northshore Mining in Silver Bay. 

The company said in a statement that they hope to have operations up and running by May 15. 

Operations at Northshore Mining have been idled since December 1. The move put more than 500 people out of work. 

“The avalanche of unfairly traded steel hitting the U.S. since last year negatively affected our clients’ production levels, and as a consequence, affected us,” said Lourenco Goncalves. 

Goncalves says that their clients’ order books have improved, and the need for pellets have approached more normal levels. 

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton issued a statement following the announcement saying the following: 

“This is great news for 540 laid-off miners who are headed back to work, but thousands of laid-off workers on the Iron Range are still hurting.  That is why I urge the Minnesota House of Representatives to take action this week to retroactively extend their unemployment benefits for 26 weeks.” 

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