Dayton says he’d sign Miner Benefit Extension with Tax Cut

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton says he will sign any bill that extends unemployment benefits for laid-off steelworkers on the Iron Range, even if it includes a tax break for businesses. 

Hopes of quickly offering financial aid to the miners have gotten bogged down over that tax dispute.  House Republicans are pushing for nearly $260 million in rebates to businesses that furnish the state’s unemployment insurance fund.  Senate Democrats have vowed to pass them separately. 

Dayton made clear Tuesday he doesn’t support pairing the two items.  But he said he would begrudgingly sign any bill with a 26-week extension that the House and Senate agree on to get checks out the door. 

There is little indication, however, that the two sides may agree soon.  Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said he will continue opposing a paired tax cut. 

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