Duluth Coffee Company Travels Worldwide for Coffee

Roasters Purchase Two Coffees from Colombia

Duluth has become known for its wide selection of craft beers, but there’s another industry growing and a different set of brewers creating a quality beverage.

“It starts in people’s hands and ends in people’s hands and I love everything that coffee represents,” said Eric Faust, owner of Duluth Coffee Company.

Coffee is a lifestyle for Faust and it’s why the presence of many cultures is always on the shelves of Duluth Coffee Company.

“Coffee is a thing that connects me with the world,” said Faust.

Recently Faust’s passion took him and roaster Charlie Comnick to Colombia on an adventure to find high-quality coffee for the Northland.

“This was the first time since Duluth Coffee started that we’ve had the opportunity to actually be on the soil shaking hands and cracking beers with real producers,” said Faust.

While in the region of Huila, they tried coffees, scored them and took part in an auction.

“We tasted probably 30 different coffees a day at times,” explained Comnick.

Now, Duluth Coffee Company is bringing back both the ninth and fifth best-ranked coffee from this part of the world.

“I think it helps bring things full circle. It helps to push the industry together rather than on different agendas,” said Comnick.

They thrive on building relationships on different continents.

“You’re living life and you’re working in a job and then you see something like that and I get to be a part of it,” said Comnick.

To the roasters, coffee can change lives for the better and putting in this effort is worth it.

“As a company we want to have, and roast, and work with the best coffee in the world and I think these are the first couple steps of doing that,” explained Comnick.

“There’s always something new. Every crop it’s a different coffee, every year it’s different origins that are developing more and I’ve never grown old of it and I never plan to,” said Faust.

They’re hoping someday coffee will be seen as a high quality beverage deserving of the extra cash.

“Coffee’s really making a long stride into a better realm,” said Comnick.

The coffee Duluth Coffee Company purchased is currently on the way to the store and they’ll be roasting it and serving it once it arrives.

Duluth Coffee Company is located at 105 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802. 

For more information visit duluthcoffeecompany.com or call (218) 464-5025.

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