Gov. Dayton Proposes $698 Million Budget Wishlist

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton announced his $698 million budget proposal Tuesday, focusing on broadband, tax cuts and racial equity. 

Dayton proposed $100 million to expand broadband internet access to rural Minnesota communities. 

The Governor also requested another $100 million address racial disparities in the state.  The funds would go towards reliable infrastructure, access to affordable housing and doubling the diversity of the state’s government workforce. 

Dayton also proposed cutting taxes for over 400,000 Minnesota families.  The tax cuts would total $117 million.   They include an expanded Child Care Tax Credit, more Working Family Tax Credits and tax cuts for education expenses, among other things. 

The supplemental budget asks for a scaled back $25 million in funding for school districts with high poverty rates.    The investment would make voluntary Pre-K available to thousands of Minnesota four-year-olds.  Out of 41 states that offer preschool programming, Minnesota ranks dead last in access to four-year-olds. 

Minnesota’s projected surplus dropped from a projected $1.2 billion to around $900 million. 

Dayton’s plan would leave $202 million unspent. 

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