Knowing Your Neighbors: Saw This

Store sells kayaks, chainsaws, and more.

One can find both work and fun on the workbench at Saw This in Spooner. The store not only sells lasting memories but also cuts into making the workday a little easier.

John Mattson sells the business of fun at Saw This. “Selling stuff is pretty fun, especially when they buy something that’s fun to use,” said Mattson.

While fat tire bikes are brand new to the business, John’s been working and selling equipment for the outdoors for twenty-six years.

“Every year it gets more entertaining more exciting. I can’t figure doing anything else,” said Mattson.

He began selling chainsaws and then expanded to kayaks, paddle boards and now the fat tire bikes.

“Chainsaws maybe they’re not so happy about buying because that’s work,” said Mattson.

Saw This moved to its current location last year from Trego. In the short amount of time they’ve grown by over fifty percent.

“If you’re into the outdoors this is the place to go,” said Mattson.

Whether it’s on two wheels, splashing through some waves or cutting it up, everything they sell at Saw This is also serviced there.

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