Minnesota Board of Teaching Approves UMD’s Education Unit

The Minnesota Board of Teaching voted to approve UMD’s education unit at their monthly meeting. 

The unit was disapproved in January of 2015 when the education programs were found to have errors in their documentation and some graduates say they were unable to get jobs. 

Staff at the University of Minnesota-Duluth spent the last year fixing the situation and were able to update documents and re-submit them. 

The Board of Teaching conducted a site visit and voted to approve the unit Friday. 

Requirements were met, but they were not properly documented.  Students can now rest easy. 

“Students being assured that when they graduate from these programs they will be eligible for licensing in Minnesota,” said Brian Levian-Stankevich, UMD Dean of Education. 

UMD students from all teacher licensure programs who have met state requirements have been fully licensed throughout the review process. 

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