No Business Like Snow Business

Stores ready the winter inventory they have left as many brace for winter storm.

Many stores and customers alike are ready to say goodbye to winter but have to say hello to at least one more winter storm.

A winter vacation brought Mike Drew of Glencoe, Minnesota to the Northland and to Northwest Outlet in Superior.

“Most people head south and we headed north,” said Drew.

But as the weather could turn from rain into nearly fourteen inches of snow, Mike and other shoppers are filling their hands and carts with last minute winter gear.

“It’s kind of crazy, but that’s the weather in this beautiful place that we live and we just got to be prepared for it,” said Scott Miller of Northwest Outlet in Superior.

Some stores like Menards in Hermantown have tried swapping snowblowers and shovels for lawnmowers but haven’t been able to just yet.

They keep winter supplies on-hand year round for days like these.

“It’s Duluth and it is the winter in Duluth so this can happen from day to day, we’re prepared for it all the time,” said Menards general manager Tom Hanson.

With many items on clearance, both stores expect to see a lot of customers once the white stuff hits the skies.

“I don’t think we’re going to see it until we see some of the flakes come down. Right now it’s still raining, people aren’t focused on the snow,” said Hanson.

Meanwhile shoppers like Mike have to hope for the best and wait for spring to come soon.

“It could be an interesting couple of days,” said Drew.

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