Report: MN Homelessness Down First Time In 25 Years

For the first time in 25 years, a recent survey is showing the overall rate of homelessness in Minnesota has gone down.

Wilder’s Research Foundation counted a little more than 9,000 homeless adults and children in the state, which is a drop of nine percent¬† over the past three years.

“I’m looking at Duluth, the shocking thing to me is that we are still seeing a thousand people a year seeking emergency shelter,” Executive Director at CHUM, Lee Stuart.

According to CHUM, despite the promising numbers statewide the real results in this area will happen when when affordable housing becomes more accessible.

“They sustain poverty because of a lack of affordable construction, mental illness and lack of care for chemical dependency,” Stuart said.

While the most recent numbers for Duluth are not officially out yet, the problem is no where near fixed, according to Stuart.

CHUM helped 943 people last year, with 125 of them children.

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