Duluth Doctor Stripped of Medical License

A Duluth doctor has been stripped of his license by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. 

Dr. Daniel Cabot has to surrender his license to practice medicine and surgery in Minnesota, effective March 12. 

The board says the nature of misconduct includes a conviction during the previous five years of a felony reasonably related to the practice of medicine; violation of a state or federal law related to the practice of medicine; and the inability to practice medicine due to illness. 

Once Cabot surrenders  his license, the Board will close its files in the matter. 

If he seeks re-license in Minnesota, he shall meet all requirements for licensure at the time of his application and demonstrate he is  fit and competent to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety. 

The board may also re-open its investigation if he seeks re-licensure. 

In June of 2015, Cabot was arrested and booked into the Becker County Jail after an alleged stalking incident.  Authorities found a prescription pill bottle with 144 different pills in his possession.  Cabot was charged and pleaded guilty to one felony stalking charge, and one felony charge of fifth-degree controlled substance crime. 

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