Northlanders Share their Cuba Experiences

In wake of President Obama's recent visit to Cuba, Northlanders share their stories of recent visits to Cuba.

Several Northlanders have celebrated President Obama’s recent visit to Cuba. They call these times exciting and a step forward for the island country.

The owners of Twin Ports Cyclery went to Cuba in February after always wanting to go.

“Fifty years, it’s been a long time and a lot of the people were really excited about the change as are Americans,” said Denis Sauve.

“Things started slowly opening up and now it’s just more and more. I’m pleased that Obama was going there and trying to open the doors to commerce,” said Lee Emanoff, who has been to Cuba twice.

Jessica Rossing of Duluth has also been to Cuba, also going there last month for a triathalon.

She said her first time involved a lot of sight seeing but she really noticed the progress the country has made since her last trip.

“Being down there last year and so brand new and now Obama’s down there making a speech, it just brought tears to my eyes thinking this is wow. This is a historical moment,” said Rossing.

All three have said they would love to visit the country again. They all enjoyed Cuba’s rich history and the new family owned shops that have opened up.

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