Citizens’ Police Academy

Class lets students know the decisions behind the badge.

Duluth citizens had a chance to better understand the decisions that go on behind the badge.

The Duluth Citizens’ Police Academy gives everyday people the chance to learn the functions of the department.

The academy lets its students ask questions and engage with police in a positive manner, one that brings conversations and breaks down any barriers.

The academy will feature topics such as aggressive force, nights with K9 units, and a traffic stop scenario. 

The academy is held once every spring and twenty-nine citizens will go through this year’s class.

It gives the public a chance to see what the police go through in a typical day on the job. It is not just all flashing lights and sirens.

“To gain better understanding and respect for our police force. I think they do far more than what they are pictured on television,” said academy participant Sherri Fedora.

Officers say they learn from the public too.

“It’s a win–win situation for the police department and the citizens. The citizens get an opportunity to learn how we work and we get an opportunity to tell the citizens why we do what we do,” said Duluth Police Officer Mike Peterson.

The officers say they’re excited to teach the class each year and interact with the public.

This year’s class is full. However, if you’re interested in next year’s class, the department says to get in contact with them early. 

Classes fill up fairly quickly.

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