UMD Police Warn about Scam Targeting Students

The University of Minnesota-Duluth Police Department is warning the public about scams apparently targeting students. 

Police say they have received several reports of fraudulent schemes and scams over the last few weeks.

Authorities say scammers are placing ads on internet employment sites searching for someone to cash a large check.  The scammer will ask that the cash be mailed to him/her and in return, the victim can keep a few hundred dollars for the effort.   Once the check is cashed and the bank realizes it is fake, the victim is held responsible for repayment of the check.  

Police say if you see ads or receive mail offering this type of transaction, that it is likely a scam and could cost you thousands.  

Another scheme police are seeing is where students receive a phone call from a scammer claiming to be from a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency, or the IRS.    The scammer will tell students they owe money for taxes, tuition, etc. and demand a credit card number over the phone.   The scammer threatens to call police if they don’t comply. 

Authorities want to remind the public that neither law enforcement or the IRS will ever request or demand credit information for that purpose.  Police say to never give out financial information over the phone unless you know the transaction is legitimate. 

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