Lemenager Excels On The Ice And In The Ring

The Proctor senior will attend Bethel University and play hockey next fall

Amy Lemenager  has always been a natural on the ice.

“As soon as i stepped on the ice i fell in love with it. i mean hockey i love it, i wouldn’t do anything else,” said Lemenager.

Lemenager would have to put in more work than most hockey players to stay in shape.

“I have a thyroid disease so it causes it to be really hard for me to lose weight and i’m also a hockey goalie, so I wanted to get in shape for the hockey season,” said Lemenager.

Five-years ago Lemenager turned to boxing to help.

“My dad used to box, I knew it was a good work out. I didn’t have any intentions of becoming a boxer and fighting… I fell in love with it and that’s what it turned in to,” said Lemenager. 

Being a hockey goalie Lemenager is used to playing defense but now with boxing she had to learn to play offense.

“That’s what makes boxing so hard it’s not only offense, it’s offense and defense at the same time,” said Lemenager.

Although boxing and hockey have a lot of differences, they are also very similar.

“Like being a goalie, boxing is kind of a challenge. Every time you make a mistake it shows up on the scoreboard. It’s a good personal challenge i love it,” said Lemenager.

“Boxing is hard and you can’t escape from the hard work and same thing on the ice. You have to work hard on the ice as well,” said Joe Lorenzi, Lemenager’s trainer.

It’s been Lemenager’s hard work that has led her to excel both in the ring and on the ice.

“It’s such a challenge and i love a good challenge. and setting goals for myself,” said Lemenager.

Lemenager is now 7-1 in the ring and as she advances in boxing, she will also be advancing in hockey to the college level.

“I’m going to play hockey for Bethel University next year and hopefully find a gym down there to continue boxing,” said Lemenager.

Lemenager will come back on the weekends to work with Lorenzi and doesn’t plan on giving up boxing or hockey anytime soon.

“I think when you love something it’s not hard to time manage because you find time for it,” said Lemenager.

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