The 148th Will Deploy 300 Airmen To South Korea

The 148th will be deploying 300 Airmen and a dozen F-16’s to Osan Airbase in South Korea. The Osan Airbase is located about 40 miles south of Seoul, South Korea. Making the deployment to South Korea the largest deployment for the 148th since Afghanistan in 2012.

During the four month assignment the 148th will fly with the active duty, Korean Air Force and exercise different plans.

The South Korea mission has a special meaning to Captain Jason Bright, because this will be his first deployment. Captain Bright, spent his childhood around National Guard members and military pilots including his best friend’s dad.

“I’d always see him come home in his flight suit and thought it was the coolest thing,” said Bright.  In just a few weeks Captain Bright will get to soar with his dreams of flying an F-16 jet while serving his country. 

The 148th members are aware of hostile activity that has recently been building in the pacific region but emphasize this deployment to South Korea is not happening because of these conflicts.

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