Esko Catcher Turns Passion For Game Into Success On The Field

Nick Emanuel is entering his senior season at Esko and will play for North Dakota State next year

Nick Emanuel lives and breathes baseball.

“Well when i’m not playing it, practicing it, weight lifting, i’m watching videos just watching the game learning, studying. I love it,” said senior Nick Emanuel

He works his butt off, all winter long he’s been in the cage…. Whatever he can do with baseball Nick’s going to be involved,” said Esko’s baseball coach Ben Haugen.

Emanuel’s love for the game started with his family.

“It’s just been in my family, i grew up both my sisters played softball… My dad played at UMD. It’s just one of those things that’s been in my family forever, I grew up around the diamond and I’ve kind of stuck with it,” said Emanuel.

Emanuel’s family is also what drew him to play behind the plate.

“My dad was a catcher, one of my sisters was a catcher,” said Emanuel.

Being a catcher is a stressful job, but Emanuel wouldn’t want it any other way.

“It’s really an exciting position, you’re never bored you’re in every play,” said Emanuel.

Being close with his pitching staff is a must for a catcher.

“He’s phenomenal with working with his pitching staff, so it’s irreplaceable… Hopefully next year i don’t forget how to run a staff,” said Haugen.

Emanuel works hard to make his pitchers look good.

“I do my best to keep runners where they are I don’t like when guys steal on my so I do my best to keep them where they are. I work hard behind the plate to ensure that they are comfortable on the mound,” said Emanuel.

“I can throw a ball and he can make it look like a strike and sell it, he just makes everything look prettier you could say. When guys try to steal against me he has them out by ten, fifteen yards,” said Esko senior Derek Peterson.

Emanuel always there for them when the nerves kick in.

“Go out to the mound calm them down maybe tell them a joke that’s a tactic my dad taught me. Just tell them a joke calm them down and tell them to go out their and throw strikes,” said Emanuel.

Next year nick will be catching for a new staff though, at North Dakota State University.

“Everything was just perfect there…. The playing time was right i have the opportunity to go there and play right away as a freshman which was really the selling point,” said Emanuel. 

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