Douglas County Declares April Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Numbers Still Too High, Officials Say

Recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month was just the first step.

Douglas County officials held a news conference to show where their communities stand on supporting children in crisis.

Those who spoke had a pretty uniform message – child abuse is still a big problem for Douglas County.

One non-profit – the Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse, CASDA, says they provided services for 83 youths in 2015, and also housed 115 children in emergency shelters.

Nicole Nemec, Children’s Program Director with CASCA, says those numbers are way too high.

“We strive to do more,” Nemec said. “Oftentimes things that I work with kids on are things that can be done at home. And things that I’m just repeating, reinforcing.”

Doreen Wehmas, Intake and Assessment Supervisor with Douglas County, says child abuse awareness means that some people need to come forward to police or school administrators to report when they think a child is in danger of abuse.

“This is a brave act that could prevent a child from being harmed – or even save a child’s life,” Wehmas said.

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