Malec Unfazed By Switch To Outfield

Proctor Senior Jake Malec will attend North Dakota State University next year.

Jake Malec has been playing baseball for over ten years.

“I think I was around six, seven years old. My dad actually played in the farm system of the Minnesota Twins as a pitcher and he’s just been a big influence on me in baseball and in life,” said Malec.

Malec’s love for the game came instantly.

“When i’m around baseball I’m just like a sponge I just like to soak everything up. I like to learn and listen,” said Malec.

Malec may have gotten his love for the game from his dad but he didn’t follow in his footsteps to the mound instead he went behind the plate.

“The catchers are the field generals they see the entire field they need to communicate to their teammates. From day one when he came in as an eighth grader in to our program hes always been a vocal leader,” said Proctor’s baseball coach, Kyle Wojtysiak.

After Malec’s senior season he will be moving in to the outfield though.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking but i know ill get a few opportunities to catch, but I’m perfectly fine with the outfield just whatever it takes to have success and have fun,” said Malec.

“Anywhere you put him he’s willing to put in the extra work to make himself the best player he can be,” said¬†Wojtysiak.

No matter the position, Malec feels at home on the diamond.

“Baseball’s my happy place where i can kind of get away,” said Malec.

Next year Malec will be calling North Dakota State home.

“Their coaching staff is exceptional not just as coaches but the personalities that they have especially towards me and my family when we went out there,” said Malec.

Before Malec leaves for college ball he has some unfinished business at Proctor.

“I think we have a lot of returning especially in pitching staff and that’s really important in high school baseball. I think that will take us a deep run in the playoffs and that’s what we’re all hoping for,” said Malec.

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