Courage Kenny Kicks Off Archery Sessions

Chalstrom Archery Center hosts Courage Kenny participants

In this week’s Great Outdoors we joined Courage Kenny in their first archery session of the season….

“We do this for eight weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring,” said volunteer coach, Michael Piette.

Everyone in the program at Chalstrom’s archery center gets their own individual archery coach.

“We have a wide variety of disabilities, so we have one-on-one relationships with each of the participants we try to get a coach matched up with each one,” said Piette.

Each coach gets to know their archer making them that much more effective when teaching.

“Some of our participants are in wheelchairs and have limited mobility of one hand, or the other so we make adjustments sometimes we help them with pulling it back and let them pull the trigger. It all depends on the person,” said Piette.

Even their equipment is adjusted just for them.

“We’re using genesis bows which are very adaptable they don’t have a set draw length like a compound bow would have and they’re up to 20 pounds and they vary from like six pounds up to 20 pounds and you can adjust that for the needs of each shooter,” said Piette.

The Courage Kenny sports and rec. department doesn’t only do archery.

“Any sort of outdoor recreation that gets us sharing our passion for the outdoors and being outside in nature and this is a beautiful area for that,” said Tara Gorman, sports and rec department program coordinator.  

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