Tech and Business Come Together at DECC Expo

Discussing the Newest Trends in Tech and IT for Business Leaders

Technology and business – they go together so well it’s hard to tell the two apart.

But as technology gets faster and more complicated, it can be tough for businesses to keep up; which is why a conference at the DECC earlier today targeted business leaders and tech professionals to discuss where the two industries are headed in the future.

The Vital Duluth 2016 Expo featured keynote speakers from inside and outside the tech industry.

We spoke to Steven Dastoor, the CEO of Citon Computer Corporation, a company that has around 40 employees at their location in the Duluth area.

“Our industry is changing at a dramatic pace,” Dastoor said. “The important thing is that we continue to educate and let people know what the threats are, what the risks are, and what the opportunities are for business.”

Dastoor went on to tell us that his company at its heart creates solutions for businesses.

“We’re using technology to create solutions for businesses, to open up their possibilities,” he said. “To make more money, to provide better customer service, whatever it is.”

The Vital Duluth 2016 Expo was sponsored by a number of tech companies, including Hewlitt Packard and Avaya.

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