Comfort Kits Provided to Kids At CHUM

Over 200 Kits Donated

The Leadership Duluth Class of 2016, a group of Duluth area business professionals, partnered with Churches United in Ministry to make comfort kits for kids.

More than 200 comfort kits were given to children and their families who stay at the CHUM shelter.

The kits are small backpacks that include blankets, flashlights, and games in them, to help the children staying at the shelter feel more at home

“As kids come in here or families come in here together often it’s a really scary place for anybody, but especially for kids, so we wanted to offer a way for the kids to be comfortable, or for a way to kind of take that fear out of being in a shelter,” Jonathan Otis from The Leadership Duluth Class of 2016, said.

Local organizations donated a total of over $3,300 to make the kits possible. 

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